Maltese Puppies
Maltese Puppies

In Memory of Billy Bob


To all those who have asked,


“Why God……….?”

God Replies, “I lent to you my most precious of gifts, that you would learn of love and you have done well. I did not give them to you. They are mine and I sent my angel to bring them home.”


In Memory of our beloved Billy Bob

Our beloved Billy Bob passed away on March 3rd, 2009. At the age of 13 years, he left this world to share his compassion and love with those up above. We will miss him and his love. He left behind a legacy of his own as his children will carry on whether they are pets or show dogs. We miss him for the love he gave kissing us that would melt you away.

Our beloved Billy Bob

I only wish I had said good bye to him on the day he went away – we just don’t know when God takes our loving pets home. How our heart and soul hurts along the way.

Always remember we never know God’s timing, so always remember to kiss your pet and say “I love you.” And don’t forget all the times he sat beside you when you had the flu or the times you had to cry for what reason you did not know why. But there at your side was your beloved pet to kiss you and look at you with those eyes. We can see into their souls through their eyes that they love us more then we can describe. All of you who have pets understand my regret.

I know one day I will see him again over the rainbow that lies beyond. He will be missed.

Love you Billy Bob,

Your Mom and Dad